NMIT – Student projects.

It’s the final countdown for NMIT Screen Diploma students, as they prepare their graduating projects.  Here are some stills from the remaining weeks of class exercises.

Sophie and Andy at the helm

Ibby and Jim do some Method Acting

Andy, Leonie (that's me!) and Jim


YGAP – Y Generation Against Poverty. Doco now in post production.

Jasper and Nat arrived in Melbourne, on schedule, to a great welcome party at Luna Park.

Filming of the YGAP Documentary is now complete.  We’ve entered the post production phase of logging rushes, and planning the edit.  Stay tuned for updates!

YGAP – Victoria at last!

Jasper and Nat Wodonga

The final stretch! Jasper and Natale kiss the ground in Victoria.  A sudden change of plans due to weather conditions saw the boys make last minute changes to their trek – to arrive in Melbourne via the Hume Highway.  Next destinations; Wangaratta and Seymour.  A large group of cyclists and YGAP supporters plan to meet Jasper and Nat in Seymour, and ride together for their final leg to Luna Park, St. Kilda.

YGAP – Canberra via the Big Merino!

A beautiful ride today from Goulburn to Canberra.  Thermals are on as the boys prepare for severe weather conditions. Storm warnings are on the horizon for the ride to Cooma tomorrow.

YGAP – Sydney!

A short ride from Newcastle to Sydney this morning.  Jasper and Nat are now rugged up, sipping lattes in a cold, blustery Bondi. Goulbourn tomorrow, followed by Canberra and (minus eight) Cooma. Thermals have been ordered….

Photo Jasper and Nat

YGAP – Over halfway!

Joined the ride yesterday in Byron. First overnight stop Woolgoolga, and today we’ve made it to Port Macquarie. It’s been a gruelling stretch of the Pacific Highway for Jasper and Nat – dangerous edges, B Double trucks, and this morning some rain.  Spirits high in the support team. Courtney and Ava jump for joy on sighting the Big Banana!

Courtney and Ava at the Big Banana

YGAP – One week down, three to go!

Jasper and Nat have made it through the first week. The boys ended today’s ride in Marlborough. Sarah Barton is filming the first leg – Cooktown to Brisbane. Sarah informs me that adventures and mishaps are occurring, the boys are great characters on screen and the laughs are coming thick and fast.  Great content for a longer doco! I will join the crew next Sunday in Byron Bay for the final leg to Melbourne.

Photo Jasper and Nat